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North River Films

Founded in 1994 by DP/director/writer Rick DiGregorio while he was a showrunner at ABC in New York. Rick was originally hired as a production consultant to suggest and implement visual upgrades, but pouring through a 70 page script each day made him realize that all the visual glitz in the world could not fix bad words. Thus, North River Films was established as a full service production company that would bring the philosophy that "it's all about the story" to every project. Since then North River Films has been involved in every type of project from corporate image videos to network TV. Although these projects differ in scope and style they are bound by a common thread - their stories are told the North River Films way.

Rick DiGregorio

president / owner

Rick brings over 30 years of experience as a director, producer, programming consultant, development and production executive for network television, cable and commercial television to North River Films.

Rick is a member of the Writer's Guild of America, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the International Photographers Guild. Contact Rick

Rick has been involved on the ground floor of many critically acclaimed network shows.

+ For ESPN, co-created, developed and served as Director and Senior Producer of EOE's critically acclaimed docu-drama "Sidelines".

+ Production Consultant to the Senior VP of Production at ABC Daytime and was an integral member of the development team that created "The City", the multi-Emmy award winning show that became the technical benchmark for other Daytime shows. While serving as show runner for "The City" he also devised and implemented creative prod-

uction changes on "All My Children" and "One Life To Live".

+ One of the original writers on ABC's "Port Charles", and "The City" as well as "General Hospital" and "One Life To Live".

+ Co-developed, wrote, directed and edited the multi-Emmy Award winning reality competition show for NESN, "Be A Bruin".

+ Shot and directed hundreds of regional and national commercials and developed and produced presentations for corporate image, non-profits and documentaries.

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