There's lots of noise out there in videoland. How can you be sure your message is heard?

Let us tell your story.

"If it's not on the page then it's not on the screen"

That's our motto at North River Films. These days there are hundreds of ways and places to present your images, but it still starts with your story. We specialize in relating your story in compelling, entertaining and dramatic ways that will captivate your clients, inform your existing customers and inspire your potential donors.

Whether you are molding your image on the web, soliciting funds for your foundation or developing the next breakout TV hit, let North River Films accompany you from concept to completion.

Creative Concepts

With decades of writing and development experience from network TV to documentary to Fundraising, North River Films has earned the critical acclaim and the awards to prove we know how to bring a story to life on the screen.


For 30 years we've worked with the best in the biz - writers, directors, producers, editors, cinematographers, composers and graphic designers –to ensure that every penny you spend ends up telling your story.

Post Production

Our editors, designers and composers are story tellers and are involved you're your project from day one to completely understand your message. We have the expertise to roll technically with the best of them but we will never sacrifice story for style.

Custom Made Showcase Video For High School Athletes

Your child has spent years of hard work and dedication to his or her sport and now it’s finally time to try to take it to the next level. It makes sense to trust their recruiting video to a company that has years of experience recording professional and College sports.learn more

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